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Never To Forget is based on a true story of a woman’s adventurous struggle to fulfill the promise of love, even from the margins of mid-20th century Costa Rican society and as an immigrant in the US.

Spurned at age five by her mother’s admonition that girls can’t be soldiers, Bertelina sets out in an adventurous struggle for personal fulfillment to eventually become embroiled in the 1948 Costa Rican revolutionary quest for social justice, and ultimately with women’s struggle for self-determination. With the inner strength of a soldier, she grapples to balance the traditional feminine role with her eventual urgency to protect her children after a divorce from an abusive husband. In overcoming social and religious roadblocks, she immigrates to the United States.

After finally fulfilling her aspirations, everything about herself is threatened to be decimated by the devastation of Alzheimer’s dementia.